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New Beginnings: What’s Coming?

Introduction: Welcome to the PAMFA Blog!

Let's Start!

Welcome to PAMFA! My name is Kaila Hines, and I would like to personally welcome you to the club. This club began as an idea, but it was encouraged by my good friend Sean-David Ta, the club's founder and Vice President.

A Little About Me :)

I'm a BA major in Film and Television with a minor in Spanish, which is super fun! A little about me is that I'm from Los Angeles, California, born and raised, and I have one older brother that attends San Francisco State University. My mother is the head assistant chief at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Clinic of Gynecology, a professor at the upcoming medical school in Pasadena for Kaiser Permanente, and works at West LA Kaiser Permanente hospital.

My father is the head manager of sales engineering in the state of California for a private company that supports the government and military and aerospace weaponry. He also owns his own custom-designed barbershop, which is located in an underserved community in Inglewood, California, where he supports and mentors young P.O.C and their craft in cosmetology and beautician.

What's The Purpose?

Creating a community where all majors can collaborate and benefit from one another was a dream come true for me. Our goal for our fun-filled club is to truly encourage students to pursue their dreams, regardless of profession. I understand what it's like to have imposter syndrome and feel like you're not good enough in something or that you're letting your family down. But my hope for this club is to replace that mentality with positive experience, feedback, and overall joy of doing something you love because no one can take your joy or talent away. You only have one life, and you have complete control over it.

Closing Message

Overall utilize this club to gain more connections and experience. But nonetheless have fun and make most of your college experience.

Talk To You Guys Soon! :)

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