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Our goal with PAMFAD is to promote more diverse inclusion between all majors to collaborate with one another on projects and team building that allows students the opportunity to get more experience that enhances their skills, portfolio's, and professions. 

Just like students volunteering on sets, this club would allow students additional opportunities to get involved and feel comfortable learning and expressing their talents together. Open to all acting, music, art, dance majors, and film majors, PAMFAD hopes to promote collaboration between departments in a way that helps fulfill each other's creative needs, similar to how they would collaborate in the real world. For example, FTV majors could help make music videos or dance videos and acting reels for music majors and acting majors. Music and arts majors could compose music and create animations for the FTV student films, the acting majors could gain experience screen acting and voice acting for FTV films and art animations. And of course dance majors can collaborate with music and art majors to create an animated feature or can create a choreograph dance in which film majors can film to tell a story.  

Overall, with connections with other clubs and organizations; PAMFAD is a club that networks and provides outlets in order for students to branch out and explore options regarding  their professions or hobbies.

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